Photos from my most recent trip to Shanghai, May 2009.
(Posted August 20, 2009)
Photos from a trip to Shanghai, February 2009.
(Posted March 24, 2009)
Just a few photos from a short trip to Tokyo, October 2008.
(Posted November 04, 2008)
Photos from the Salton Sea in Southern California, September 2007.
(Posted May 03, 2008)
Road trip shots, Los Angeles to San Francisco, August 2007.
(Posted December 12, 2007)
Misc shots from 2006-2007.
(Posted November 18, 2007)
Night shots from Venice, CA.
(Posted August 04, 2006)
A big mix of photos from five different cities.
(Posted May 21, 2006)
New stuff from a trip to Flagstaff, Arizona. Mostly photos from a strip mine.
(Posted February 8, 2006)
Lots of good stuff from trips to Las Vegas and Wisconsin. Some old locations, but I'm really getting into the swing of using this new camera.
(Posted February 2, 2006)
Wow. Almost a year since I've posted new photos. That's... unforgivable! Have some new ones! Hopefully more soon!
(Posted December 3, 2005)
More more more! I took the first snowstorm of the year as a perfect opportunity to get some new photos...
(Posted January 6, 2005)
More photos shot this fall, finally updated.
(Posted January 6, 2005)
The abandoned A.F. Gallun tannery caught fire today. Exciting!
(Posted December 28, 2004)
A long-overdue update, including a mix of photos from the last three months
(Posted December 17, 2004)
My first shoot using an infrared filter
(Posted August 20, 2004)
Tour the abandoned Pabst Brewery
(Posted August 12, 2004)
Summer fun in my usual style
(Posted July 17, 2004)
Industrial decay on a bright sunny day.
(Posted March 12, 2004)
A late-summer excursion to my favorite condemned industrial compound.
(Posted October 13, 2003)

Industrial Galleries - Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Page 1 - Photos from in and around an old factory compound on the south side of Milwaukee, WI. Photos are from numerous shoots.
(Updated January 7, 2003)
Page 2 - More shots of the industrial complex in Milwaukee.
(New: January 7, 2003)
Port of Milwaukee - First photoshoot with a new camera, in a (gasp!) non-abandoned industrial section of town.
(New: February 6, 2003)

Industrial Galleries - Gary, Indiana
Page 1 - Shots from in and around two abandoned iron refineries.
(Shot April 6, 2002)
Page 2 - A return trip to Gary, Indiana.

(Shot February 9, 2003)